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Gene Dornink: Senate session comes to a close

It has been a productive week at the Capitol with many long nights and robust debates. We came to an agreement and passed budgets to ... Read more

Annie Lane: Domestic Work is Work

Dear Annie: My husband of a year and I have yet to consummate our marriage. Some background on our situation: We’re both in our 60s, ... Read more

Our Opinion: Austin Expression back in its new home

As you may remember, COVID-19 threw us for a loop last year in regard to our magazine within a magazine — Austin Expression. The issue ... Read more

Ask a Trooper: Badges on pocket flaps

Question: I’ve often wondered why Troopers wear their badges on their pocket flaps and not their chests like other law enforcement officers. Can you tell ... Read more

Full Circle: Pink Phoenicopterus Plasticus

By Peggy Keener Mysteriously front lawns all over Austin will soon turn a flamboyant Pepto Bismol pink. What’s going on? Was there an explosion in ... Read more

Lysne: The joy of a new pair of shoes

By Sarah Lysne Herald Columnist When I was five years old, my mom bought me a pair of brown Mary Jane style shoes. They were ... Read more

The wide angle: A much needed break to the lake

It’s always tough going on vacation and yes, I’m aware of the contradiction of that statement. Nobody really complains when going on vacation. Certainly, they ... Read more

Our Opinion: APS should be commended

Last week’s approval by the Austin Public Schools Board of the 2021-22 budget should be welcome news to those within the district as well as ... Read more

Notable women in Austin: Vickie Spyhalski

Vickie Spyhalski was born and raised in Albert Lea in a family that was intentionally mindful of how interconnected all people are. She said her ... Read more

Ask a Trooper: What is the law regarding insurance cards?

Question: What is the law with regard to insurance cards?  I was told it must always be available in the vehicle and then I was ... Read more

Annie Lane: Estranged Sister

Dear Annie: When I was a child, I had many chilling things happen to me. I barely remember some incidents, and they don’t seem to ... Read more

The Wide Angle: I steer clear of insects with wings and butt swords

Sometimes you have to be ready to take a stand. To boldly proclaim, “This is the line; you shall cross it no further.” Unless of ... Read more

Our opinion: Use Fourth of July to remember

Sunday is the Fourth of July and we have a lot to celebrate. This year we will get to have an actual Fourth celebration, complete ... Read more

Annie Lane: Sister obsessed with conspiracy theories

Dear Annie: My sister and I reunited about five years ago after not speaking for at least 10 years. Unfortunately, we did not have a ... Read more

Week in Review: Budgets local and state passed

APS approves school budget Austin Public Schools approved its 2021-22 school year budget in the nick of time Tuesday, putting the district on solid ground ... Read more

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