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Week in Review: Graduation that looks normal

Thumbs Up It’s hard to put into words how nice it was to see seniors walking down aisles to get their diplomas this year. Area ... Read more

Annie Lane: Trying to mend relationship

Dear Annie: My relationship with my parents has been strained since their divorce 20 years ago. I speak to my father rarely but communicate regularly ... Read more

Our opinion: Message to graduates

May is done, June has begun and the future awaits. Around the state of Minnesota, schools are wrapping up their graduations. Austin Public Schools and ... Read more

Carolyn Bogott: Olson reaches out to welcome people to Austin

Did you know that Austin is one of the few cities in the whole country to have a concierge program? Usually, we only think of ... Read more

Al Batt: Relax, it’s a laid-back rush

Echoes from the Loafers’ Club Meeting My goal is to always be a nice person. There’s only one thing that prevents me from accomplishing that. ... Read more

Ask a Trooper: Breaks needed on certain trailers

Question: I purchased an old trailer to haul my Ranger around. Are brakes required on it? Answer:  Brakes are required on all trailers with a ... Read more

StarWatch: Three big events in store for this month

By Deane Morrison June has three big events in store for us: the summer solstice, the last of 2021’s three supermoons, and a partial eclipse ... Read more

Peggy Keener: High tech meets the dinner table

It is 1953, one week after Thanksgiving. Panic has set in at the Swanson Food Company. This is no small matter as two hundred and ... Read more

Our Opinion: Honoring service

When Decoration Day was established in the years following the Civil War, it was done for the purpose of remembering those who sacrificed their lives ... Read more

AP FACT CHECK: Biden is off on his vaccine claims

WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden misstated the record Thursday when he asserted that half of his country has been fully vaccinated against the coronavirus and ... Read more

Gene Dornink: Concerns left at the end of session

Friends and neighbors, Happy Spring! I have enjoyed my first spring at the Capitol as May 17 marked the official end of the 2021 Legislative ... Read more

Marvin Repinski: Challenge: Adapting to shifts in our lives

In 1931, Jane Addams was a resident of Hull House in Chicago. When she was much younger, she led a restoration project of Hull Mansion, ... Read more

Sarah Lysne: The joy of living with grace

People tell me I’ve handled my ALS diagnosis with grace.  If I have, It’s only because I have had many role models throughout my lifetime. ... Read more

Annie Lane: A question of working dumb hours

Dear Annie: I work in health and wellness for the largest retailer in the world. I love my job, but there are so many things ... Read more

The Wide Angle: That’s just so 1988

As of late, I’ve studied a disturbing and fairly recent trend among children attending our schools. It’s a dangerous and life-altering trend and I’m disappointed ... Read more

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