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Evie Mohrfeld: Senior Travel finally opening to the public

Mark Tuesday down on your calendar for the reopening of the Travel Office at the Mower County Senior Center (400 Third Ave. NE). We will ... Read more

Sarah Lysne: The joy of victory: Finding the strength to be brave

My Grandpa Keenan owned a little brown Shetland pony named Trixie. One Sunday afternoon when I was about nine years old, I decided to take ... Read more

Peggy Keener: A woman for her time

Was she a businesswoman? A scientist? An inventor? Or a downright disreputable quack? Yes to all. A marvel in her day, her homemade herbal compound ... Read more

The Wide Angle: Much like the Twins, I’m all over the place

And now, another episode of “I Don’t Know What to Write About This Week — A Random Approach to Column Writing.” Rolls right off the ... Read more

Ask A Trooper: Hitchhiking is a concern of safety

By Sgt. Troy Christianson Question: Is it legal to hitchhike in Minnesota? Answer: Minnesota State Statute 169.22 states “No person shall stand in a roadway ... Read more

Our Opinion: Clean car standards push need to be paused in Minnesota

In a Minnesota Public Radio story this week, it was reported that one of the sticking points to agreeing to a budget this year at ... Read more

Al Batt: Thoughts of summer baseball

Echoes from the Loafers’ Club Meeting Hello. Hello? You’re leaving. I know, but I’m terrible at goodbyes. Driving by Bruce’s drive I have a wonderful ... Read more

Other’s opinion: Pandemic waning shows that government works

The Free Press, Mankato We’re more than 40 years past the day when former President Ronald Reagan famously declared “government is the problem,” but, clearly, ... Read more

Annie Lane: Distant daughters-in-law

Dear Annie: For years, I have tried to have a relationship with my two daughters-in-law, and at some point, I finally gave up. Now, when ... Read more

Our opinion: Morgan Freeman did not say that

No, Morgan Freeman did not say that and it doesn’t matter if you put his face next to it. In recent years, people have been ... Read more

Kevin Nelson: Outdoor pool season has arrived

Months of waiting, plus weeks of prep, and now, finally, the season is upon us. The long-awaited water play time is well deserved. I must ... Read more

Jamey Helgeson: White House unveils FY 2022 budget

On May 28, President Joe Biden released his budget request for fiscal year (FY) 2022. The most notable increases were for Vocational Rehabilitation Demonstration and ... Read more

The Wide Angle: Mead that tastes like it smells

“So Eric, how is the homebrewing going?” Well Steve King, let me tell you how it’s going — not that you asked, but I couldn’t ... Read more

Marvin Repinski: Our humanity — an investment

Don’t knock it. We all have it. Our Creator has blessed us with what we can share.  Not all enter this world in perfect health. ... Read more

Annie Lane: To continue relationship?

Dear Annie: I met a man about four years ago. We started dating a week after we met, upon his insistence. Well, after we were ... Read more

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