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Floyd death pushes military to face ‘own demons’ on race

WASHINGTON (AP) — The death of George Floyd in police hands has pushed the U.S. military to search its soul and to admit that, like ... Read more

Our opinion: Graduates: be the hope

This week, Austin High School and Pacelli High School would have held their graduations. Before them, other schools in the area would have held their ... Read more

Al Batt: Learn to be kind, pay your bills

Echoes from the Loafers’ Club Zoom Meeting When we blew a fuse, Pop would replace it with a penny. Why did he do that? You ... Read more

Conradt finds success in Austin’s diversity

Carla Conradt enhanced our community for 17 years as a member of the KAAL TV 6 news staff.  Many may remember her fine work there ... Read more

Whey cool ways to refuel

By Jena DeMoss Corporate Hy-Vee Dietitian Protein shakes are all the rage these days. You cannot walk into a gym without seeing dozens of people ... Read more

Paid letter policy to be implemented next week

Starting June 3, after the closing of the candidate filing period in Minnesota, the Austin Daily Herald will implement a new policy on letters to ... Read more

Our Opinion: Get your corrected grad tab

Graduation is a special time, filled with memories for the graduates themselves as well as their families. Annually, we become a part of this when ... Read more

Hormels visited all kinds of different Austins

At one time I had a brother living in Austin, Texas — the weird Austin.  My parents found it amusing that their children were both ... Read more

50 states, 50 heroes: Snuffy

Born May 19, 1911, in Caro, Michigan, Maynard Harrison Smith was a handful as a child, often getting into trouble. His affluent father, Henry, sent ... Read more

A service update at the Austin Public Library

By Julie Clinefelter Austin Public Library Director Greetings from the staff of the Austin Public Library! We have missed seeing your faces, but hope you ... Read more

Making the best of home

As the Mower County Center remains closed to the public, the travel has also been put on leave. We are so grateful that we are ... Read more

Death on the other side of the world

Part 5:  True account from Peggy’s memoir,  “Potato In A Rice Bowl” Submerged up to my chin in the fathomless waters of Tokyo Bay, I ... Read more

Do you know the truth?

By Dan Mielke Grace Baptist Church How do you know if you are believing a lie?  How do you know that you are not deceived?  ... Read more

That grey mass … or getting back to cooking my own meals

Initially, when the world seemed to cave in upon itself thanks to COVID-19, I did as much as I could to make use of eating ... Read more

Trump continues to claim broad powers he doesn’t have

WASHINGTON (AP) — Threatening to shut down Twitter for flagging false content. Claiming he can “override” governors who dare to keep churches closed to congregants. ... Read more

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