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A place for canine and feline furry friends: Bubbles ‘N’ Bows now open in Austin

Those who lost their favorite stylist for their pets when Double K closed its doors need no longer worry; they have found a new home at Bubbles ‘N’ Bows.

“They were Doubles K’s groomers and they were looking to open their own place up because (Double K) was closing,” said Patti Lang, whose son and daughter-in-law, Mark and Kelly Lang, own the business. “I told them that Mark had a couple of buildings down here on the east side and it would be great to get another business on the east side. They came and looked at the buildings, sat down and talked with Mark to see if he would want to turn this building into the pet salon and have them work for him.”

Bubbles ‘N’ Bows opened on Friday, Nov. 8, at 1015 Fourth Ave. NE. Michael Stoll/

Bubbles ‘N’ Bows opened its doors on Friday, Nov. 8. Much of the grooming materials, including the tubs and driers, were purchased from Double K for use in the new business. They also hope to add a few pet supplies as well, though not much, Lang said.

Bubbles ‘N’ Bows offers the same grooming services customers had at Double K, including bathing, clipping, nails, flea baths, ear and gland cleaning and brushing. Grooming services are available for dogs and cats.

Lang said opening a new business in the eastern part of Austin is important for the city.

“Austin seems to forget the east side,” she said. “We are part of Austin and we’ve got a lot of businesses down here.”

Bubbles ‘N’ Bows groomer Kelly Meyer works on trimming a dog’s nails Monday morning. Michael Stoll/

Bubbles ‘N’ Bows is located at 1015 Fourth Ave. NE. Hours and days of operation vary by appointments.

“Sometimes they’re here at 7 a.m. for an appointment, sometimes at 6:00 at night and sometimes on Saturday because of cancelled appointments,” Lang said. “They can always fill in appointments; they’re pretty flexible.”

To make an appointment, call 507-433-0003.

“We hope that the people patronize us; we always love new customers,” Lang said.